About Lynda Cookson

Work Sold In :
UK, Ireland, South Africa, Namibia, many parts of the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Peru, Japan Malaysia, Russia

Galleries :
Gallery 1608, Bushmills, Northern Ireland
Fillingdon Art Gallery, Buckinghamshire, UK
Kyo Fine Art Gallery, Washington DC, USA
The Gaslamp Gallery, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Fine Art Auctioneers :
Adams Fine Art Auctioneers, Dublin, Ireland (Auction record attained)
Dolan's Fine Art Auctioneers, Galway, Ireland
Galway Auctioneers, Kilcolgan, Co Galway, Ireland
Ross's Fine Art Auctioneers, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Collections of Work :
Mr L Murrin, Dawn Foods, Naas, Dublin, Ireland
Mr A Boyd, Arizona, USA
Ms S J Lynch, Galway, Ireland
Mrs Nancy McAllister, Guntersville, Alabama, USA
Mr N McLoughlin, Ross Communications, Dublin, Ireland
Offices of the 'Now' Magazine Group - Galway, Limerick and Cork, Ireland
Ms Meghan Scott, Gr. Manchester, UK
Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, Ireland
Mr and Mrs G and T Matheson, Canada
Mr and Mrs A Maine, Brittany, France

Commissions :
South Africa : Mr D Bose (3 paintings)
South Africa : Mrs Barbi de Villiers (2 paintings)
UK : Mr A Firth (1 painting)
South Africa : Mr Victor Ferraz (1 charcoal sketch)
Ireland : Ms Joanna Hannick (1 painting)
Malaysia : Mr Gobie Raju (1 painting)
UK : Ms Meghan Scott (1 painting plus 1 triptyche)
Ireland : Ms Clare Mullins (1 painting)
Australia : Ms Anne Cookson (1 painting)
Australia : Ms Wendy Morley (1 painting)
France : Mr J and Mrs C Jones (2 paintings)
France : Ms Lynn O'Neill (1 painting)
Canada : Mr G Matheson (1 painting)
Mr Martin Luitingh, Australia (1 large painting)
Mrs A Maine, France (1 painting)
Mr and Mrs J Connor, Belfast, Northern Ireland (1 painting)

Media Interviews :
March 2006 - TV1 and Radio 1 Barcelona during exhibition at Sala Barna, Barcelona
2004 - Profile article in "Galway Now" magazine
December 2009 - BBC Radio Ulster, launch of book "Tea 'n Turps" in Belfast
Many more local radio interviews in connection with "Tea 'n Turps" and the opening of The Painter's Palette art gallery in Co. Galway, Ireland

Publications of Paintings :
'Summer Field' published on front cover of WMS Wealth Management Services Quarterly magazine Spring 2008 (USA)
'Dolphin Abstract' published Events Quarterly Spring 2008 (Canada)

Designer for :
Dezign Inc. Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa (producers of T-shirts, aprons, paper items, mugs etc) - unpaid position

Logo Design for :
2005 'Art in the West' exhibition, Galway, Ireland
2006 'Southern Lights' exhibition of South African artists in Armagh, N Ireland
2007 'The Cake Baker', Manchester, UK
2008 Ferne Krystal, Musician, Singer and Lyricist, UK
2009 'Just Wait For Me!' Restaurant Staff Training, Cape Town, South Africa
2018 Photographic design for 'Wandering with Gary'

Studies :
Michaelis Art School, Cape Town, South Africa
GMIT, Galway, Ireland
Art Space, Galway, Ireland
Various art courses and Life Class workshops

Digital Art :
Digital Show for the Liverpool Biennial - Independents 2006

Residencies :
January 2007 - Cill Rialaig Famine Village, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry, Ireland
January 2008 - Cill Rialaig Famine Village, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry, Ireland (Winter and Summer)
January 2009 - Cill Rialaig Famine Village, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry, Ireland

Exhibitions :
July 2013 - Solo - Athy Suite, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, Ireland
July 2012 - Solo - Athy Suite, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, Ireland
July 2011 - Solo - Athy Suite, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, Ireland
October 2010 - Ballybane, Galway, Ireland
August 2010 - St Patrick's Trian, Armagh, Co Armagh, N Ireland
July/Aug 2010 - "Riding High" with guest artists, Moycullen, Galway, Ireland
July 2010 - "Riding High" D'Arcy Suite, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, Ireland
April 2010 - "Tea 'n Turps" Gallery 23, Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland
December 2009 - "Tea 'n Turps" Sq Space Gallery, Belfast, N Ireland
October/November 2009 - Solo Exh. Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
June 2009 - Sol Exh. Thinkk Creative Gallery, Limerick
December 2008 - Group Christmas Exh. Bold Art Gallery, Galway, Ireland
December 2008 - Group Christmas Exh. Sq Space, Belfast, N Ireland
December 2008 - Group Christmas Exh. B Artistic, Malaysia
September/October 2008 - Solo exhibition, Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
July 2008 - Solo exhibition for Galway Arts Festival, Radisson SAS Hotel, Galway, Ireland
August 2008 - Solo exhibition, Galway Race Week, Radisson SAS Hotel, Galway, Ireland
December 2007 - Angela Woulfe Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
March 2007 - Anton's Cafe, Galway, Ireland
December 2006 - Christmas group exh, Bold Gallery, Galway, Ireland
September 2006 - Solo Exh, Fisheries Tower, Galway, Ireland
August 2006 - Solo Exh, Airfield Trust, Dublin, Ireland
July 2006 - The River Walk Exhibition, Galway Arts Week, Galway, Ireland
March 2006 - Group exh, Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain
March 2006 - Group exh, 8x8, Fisheries Tower, Galway, Ireland
February 2006 - 'Floral Collage' group exh, Bold Art Gallery, Galway, Ireland
December 2005 - Represented Ireland at Florence Biennale, Italy
To shorten this list - prior to this time both group and solo exhibitions in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Tanzania (Africa), Berlin, Namibia and South Africa.

Artist Profile Columnist for 'Galway Now' 'Limerick Now' and 'Cork Now' magazines From January 2005 to December 2010.

Contributor to :
'Moving In' interior decorating magazine, Dublin, Ireland
'Living It' magazine for the over 45's, Dublin, Ireland
'Boots 'n All' internet travel magazine
'Great Britain and Ireland's Best Hotels' travel guide - Galway hotels for 2008
'Irish Homes' interior decorating magazine

Author :
1994 - 'How To Make Handmade Paper' republished 2005
ISBN 0 9550272 2 5

2009 - 'How To Make Handmade Paper' the ebook (on both Internet and CD)
ISBN 0 9550272 4 1

2005 - 'The eArt Directory' - a workbook for artists wanting to market their work on the internet and art lovers needing to find artists
ISBN 0 9550272 0 9

2009 - Second Edition of 'The eArt Directory' the e-book (on both Internet and CD)
ISBN 0 9550272 3 3

2009 - "Tea 'n Turps. Taking Tea with Artists" A humorous collection of artist profiles featuring more than 65 full colour images of their work.
ISBN 978 1608 608 485

Curator and Contributor :
'Art in the West 2005' catalogue of paintings, poetry and essays
ISBN 0 9550272 1 7

Press Trips :
2006 - Abruzzo, Italy - art course for Point 101

Artist Statement and Bio

What I say about myself:

I'm all about energy! That is probably why I love abstract work so much and why I challenge myself to find the "breeze", the movement of air, in everything I do ... whether subtle or "in your face".

I love working with palette knives as they prevent me from becoming too finicky about detail, allowing me to paint more impasto and to use suggestion instead of realism.

Colour has always been important to me. From the deep and raw colours of Africa, to the blues, greens and greys of Ireland, and I am now playing with slightly more muted colours, influenced by my time here in France. However, muted is a relative term and I doubt I will ever be a pastel person.

Recently I have found the freedom in my life to begin working more with abstract form ... and I'm loving it! I feel privileged to be able to work with abstract one day and then sit calmly at my easel and work with impressionist oil paintings the next day.

Formal Bio:

South African-born Irish artist, Lynda Cookson, began her professional career as an artist in 1994. She paints in both oils and watercolour.

Her painting style developed from her fascination with energy, texture and colour, and her paintings continue to express a strong sense of vitality. She aims to “catch the breeze” and capture the living energy in her subjects, believing that nothing is really that clear cut, smooth or perfectly still in life. Everything has a bit of a fuzzy edge and is affected by even the slightest movement of air.

As a creative painter, using subjective inspiration is merely a starting point for the painting to develop, and she often chooses to use pure, unmixed colour, letting it work its magic by sitting side by side with, or on top of, another colour.